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Why are my water pipes banging?

Why are my water pipes banging?

Are you experiencing loud banging pipes?

Are you sat and home and suddenly hear a loud banging noise? You think the problem is coming from your water pipes but you have no idea what the cause of it might be? Emergency Plumber 24/7 is here to walk you through this common plumbing problem.

When you open a water tap, valves throughout your water pipe open, allowing the water to flow through without becoming blocked. Air is very important to the healthy circulation of water pipes. Without the proper cushion of air to guide water through its course, pipes will not be able to control the pressure as they should. Simply put, the loud banging noise that you may be hearing is the result of water pipes being suddenly deprived of air. This is why this noise often occurs upon the closing of a water tap.

This loud and irritating effect is known as a water hammer, so called because of the similarity to a noise a hammer makes. Not to worry, this isn’t necessarily a plumbing emergency! However, this noise can be very irritating and may increase in volume over time, so it’s best to get this issue sorted as soon as possible. Luckily, this is something you should be able to solve by yourself.


What causes this noise?

If you’re living in an old house, it’s possible that the water hammer is the result of loose water pipes. In fact, water hammers are very common in older houses. When water pipes are not where they should be, they will not be able to handle the vibration caused by the pressure of flowing water. It’s quite possible that cracks and leaks in your pipes have caused the water pipes to shift away from its original place. For more information regarding leaking pipes, you can read further here.

What can I do to stop my water pipes from banging?

Because water hammers are caused by a sudden loss of air within the water pipe, closing your water taps slowly may help reduce the chance of a banging noise greatly. Doing so will help you control the water pressure of your water system.

Ways in which an emergency plumber can help

A qualified & trained emergency plumber will be able to locate the source of your water hammer. As well as this, an emergency plumber will be able to install your water pipes with water hammer arresters or a pressure reducing valve. These can help control the vibration of your water pipes and can prevent any future banging noises.

In need of an emergency plumber in Warrington?

If you’re in Warrington and are in need of an emergency plumber, Emergency Plumber 24/7 is here to help! Contact us whenever you’re in need of finding a swift resolution to your plumbing problem.

Finding an Emergency Plumber in Manchester

Finding an Emergency Plumber in Manchester

A plumbing emergency can strike at any time day or night, and when it does you need to know how to quickly find a reliable plumber well equipped to deal with emergency call-outs. Escape of water is one of the most common home insurance claims, so it’s likely that we’ll all have to find an emergency plumber at some point in our lives, be prepared and you won’t need to panic.

There will be times when you need a plumber, but not for an emergency. Use these occasions as an opportunity for research, allowing you to find a trustworthy, local plumber who provides an emergency call-out service. This way you’ll have already established contact with the plumber and you know that you can count on them to fix your problem, easing what can be a stressful situation.

If you haven’t identified a plumber before the emergency breaks out there are certain criteria you should ensure the emergency plumber meets:

  • Immediate response – This should go without saying. When your pipes are spraying water, you need to know for sure that your plumber will be there as soon as possible.
  • Affordability – Cost can seem like the last of your worries in an emergency, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for a plumber to overcharge you.
  • Safety – If any of the work involves gas, then your plumber must be registered as gas safe by law. If they are not then the work they carry out may be unsafe, and could cost you even more in the long run.
  • High-standard work – You need to be confident that the work the plumber carries out will fix the problem completely.


At Emergency Plumber 24/7 we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all of the above criteria. We provide 24 hour support, an average response time of 30 minutes and a guaranteed response time of 90 minutes. For an emergency plumber Manchester or anywhere in the North West, Emergency Plumber 24/7 are on hand.

With your emergency plumber sorted there are some steps you can take to limit damage before they arrive.

If you’re sprung a leak somewhere you’ll need to isolate the problem to minimise the damage cause.

  • For major leaks you’ll need to turn the main water supply off using the stopcock. For this reason it’s important you know where that stop tap is located, they will usually be found under the kitchen sink but are occasionally located elsewhere downstairs.
  • For smaller leaks, you can minimise potential damage by using local isolation valves, usually located next to the leaking appliance or tap.


It may seem ridiculous now, but having at least one large bucket in your house could be a godsend if you are ever unlucky enough to experience a leaking pipe. You don’t want to be juggling pots and pans in a desperate effort to save your furniture.

Beyond these steps, it’s generally advisable not to do much more. Attempting to patch pipework or unblock pipes can sometimes make the problem worse. Call your emergency plumber in Manchester and do your best not to panic!

Common DIY plumbing mistakes

Common DIY plumbing mistakes

Everyone knows that there is a certain kind of satisfaction that can be gained by doing basic home improvements yourself.  Regardless of your skill level, it’s important to make sure you avoid these common DIY plumbing mistakes.

Make sure you have the tools for the job

While it can be easy to get the information and knowledge you need for the job from a number of guides or tutorials, it’s just as important to have the right tools for the before you start.

While there are many different options, there are 2 basic tools that most DIY are likely to require and are a good idea to keep handy.

A basin wrench is useful for jobs where you need to change taps and other fittings.

A plumbing wrench will allow you to tighten and loosen nuts including those found on your water supply switch


Make sure to turn the water supply off

Imagine, you’ve taken the time out of your weekend to finally get that job you’ve been putting off done, and just as you take off a fitting you suddenly get sprayed with water and now have a big mess to deal with.

Most plumbing jobs absolutely require you to turn off the water supply in your home before any work is done, but it’s also a key step that many people don’t remember to do so make sure that you do this before you do any work at all to avoid getting anything in your home wet. That includes you!

Make sure not to mismatch your pipes

A very common DIY job that many homeowners may take on is to fix leaky pipes. If it’s a small, and easily visible water leak coming from a sink or basin then it may seem easy to just replace the piping.

A common DIY mistake is to choose the wrong size or type of pipe or even worse, try to force a good fit with the wrong kind of connectors. Just because piping looks like it is highly connected, doesn’t mean that everything water tight so it’s important to take the time to do things right or risk having to use more of your time later on down the line.

In need of an emergency plumber in St.Helens?

There are some DIY jobs that you can handle of your own, and many others that you don’t. If you’re in St.Helens and in need of an emergency plumber then get in touch and contact us whenever you are in need of finding a solution to the problems you might have at home.

What to do when you lose a ring down the drain

What to do when you lose a ring down the drain

Having an emergency!?

Have you found that your ring has gone down the drain? Emergency Plumber 24/7 of Wigan gives his advice.

Losing a ring down the drain

Losing any possession can be a major annoyance, but when that possession is as important as a wedding ring or engagement ring, I’m sure you’ll be in a major panic. Before you grab the phone and call an emergency plumber like ourselves, there are some steps you can take yourself in attempt to retrieve your lost ring.

What to do

Before you do anything else, do yourself a favour and turn off water to the sink. If you’re not entirely sure how to do this, there is usually a valve underneath the sink that can shut off water flow when turned to an off position.

Once you are positive that the water has been turned off, you’ll need to locate the pipe ‘trap’ underneath the sink, which is u-shaped. This ‘trap’ may be either made of metal or plastic, but either way, it still serves the same function. The pipe trap is there for a number of reasons, firstly and foremost to prevent fumes from the sewers from entering your home, but also to catch any objects that may have fallen down the drain. This u-shaped ‘trap’  is the most likely place where your ring will have been caught.

Next, clear the space underneath the pipe trap and place towels or rags underneath the sink so that you can avoid causing any water damage to your possessions or property. After this, use either a pipe wrench or set of pliers to loosen the slip nuts that connect the pipe ‘trap’ the rest of the piping. After these fittings become loose, you can finish the job by untwisting what remains using your fingers. After you have removed the pipe trap from the pipes, dump its contents into a bowl or bucket and search for your lost ring. Hopefully by this stage, you will have found your prized possession and can stop worrying!


Panic Over

Once you have found your ring, you should put everything back the way it was. First, wash out the pipe trap, using a different sink of course and then screw the pipe trap back into place. Once you have done this, you’ll want to ensure that your pipe trap is securely in place and won’t leak on you. The best way is to fill up your sink with water by covering your drain and then letting it all drain out at once. Observe underneath your sink to see if there are any leaks. If there are, it’s quite possible that fittings aren’t tight enough or that they went on crooked. Make any changes as necessary.

Need an emergency plumber in Wigan?

If in doubt, call an emergency plumber! The last thing I want is to do something you’re not comfortable doing in a state of panic. If you’d feel more confident in expert hands, there no shame in calling a professional. And if you’re in Wigan or the surrounding area, you can always contact us.

Know Your House – It Helps In Emergencies

Know Your House – It Helps In Emergencies

Know Where All Of The Exits Are

Make sure you know the easiest way to all doors and windows. It might sound obvious, but sometimes your front door might not be accessible depending on the emergency. During the hussle and bussle of everyday life, it isn’t easy to keep halls and stairways but it’s very important that you do.

Remember that you and your family are much more important than any possessions you may have.

Know Where To Shut Things Off

If you’re having problems with water, electricity or gas, the best thing that you can do to keep both you and your home safe is to shut off the supply of these utilities so long as it doesn’t put you at risk doing so.

Simply knowing these key areas of your home is important though, as it will help a professional diagnose and solve the emergency much faster.

If you see arcing of electricity of any kind, smell gas or that the level of water might start to become dangerous, make sure to stay a safe distance away from the area affected and seek professional help.

Water and Electricity are a dangerous mix and dealing with water issues professionally as emergency plumbers in Liverpool is our speciality so if you have any questions we can help with that.

Make Sure That Everyone Knows The Plan

It’s just as important that your family or housemates know the plan as much as you do. If everything rests with one person and an emergency starts without them present it could lead to panic.

It’s a good idea to put together a folder of information in a convenient place that everyone is aware of, that has numbers for emergency trades in your area as well as the most important steps to take.

It’s also a good idea to go over what to do in the event of an emergency every 6 months, especially if you care for children and make it clear that emergencies don’t need to be as scary with proper preparation.

In Need Of An Emergency Plumber In Liverpool?

Homer safety is important and if you are ever in doubt it really is better to be safe than sorry. If you’re in Liverpool or the surrounding area  and in need of an emergency plumber then get in touch and contact us whenever you are in need.