It’s easy to think of water as the clear liquid that keeps us clean and hydrated. Knowing the difference between the types of water can help you keep your appliances in better condition as well as help you understand how it affects you on a day-to-day basis and why that matters…

What are water types?

There are two kinds of water types that make a difference to us everyday. These are ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’. Being emergency plumbers based in Manchester, we’ve come across both types. Hard water in particular is formed from when water (usually rain) interacts with the ground and absorbs minerals along the way.

The key difference between the two types is simply the amount of minerals that the water contains. The way that you measure the amount of minerals in water is grains per gallon or GPG.

Why does hard water matter?

Most homes in the UK make sure of hard water. One reason for this is that most people agree that hard water tends to taste better than soft water, and with a higher level of calcium and magnesium it is a good choice as it helps promote a healthy body.

A key difference in Hard water is that it typically has more minerals in it compared to that of soft water. Water that is only slightly hard, so very much on the lower end of the spectrum will have a GPG of about 1, whereas water that is very hard on the other side of the spectrum can have a GPG of around 10.

Hard water does present other problems though. It can lead to to an increase of lime scale that you see on older pipes and taps which in time can actually hinder the how well a pipe or tap can work. Due to it’s larger amount of minerals, it can also not be great for home appliances either and can limit their life spans.

Why does soft water matter?

In comparison to hard water, soft water has a much lower GPG at a level less than 1. Because it doesn’t come into the ground, it doesn’t pick up the same minerals as hard water.

Soft water does have the benefit of being very friendly to taps and metal works. Overall, it can help extend the life of your plumbing and is more compatible with soap in general, as many people they feel cleaner after washing with soft water.

It’s important to note that hard water can be softened through the use of systems and filters that add sodium to the water. However, by doing this it makes the water more salty and not as nice to drink all of the time. People that has health issues relating to their salt intake should be especially careful.

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