Are you experiencing loud banging pipes?

Are you sat and home and suddenly hear a loud banging noise? You think the problem is coming from your water pipes but you have no idea what the cause of it might be? Emergency Plumber 24/7 is here to walk you through this common plumbing problem.

When you open a water tap, valves throughout your water pipe open, allowing the water to flow through without becoming blocked. Air is very important to the healthy circulation of water pipes. Without the proper cushion of air to guide water through its course, pipes will not be able to control the pressure as they should. Simply put, the loud banging noise that you may be hearing is the result of water pipes being suddenly deprived of air. This is why this noise often occurs upon the closing of a water tap.

This loud and irritating effect is known as a water hammer, so called because of the similarity to a noise a hammer makes. Not to worry, this isn’t necessarily a plumbing emergency! However, this noise can be very irritating and may increase in volume over time, so it’s best to get this issue sorted as soon as possible. Luckily, this is something you should be able to solve by yourself.


What causes this noise?

If you’re living in an old house, it’s possible that the water hammer is the result of loose water pipes. In fact, water hammers are very common in older houses. When water pipes are not where they should be, they will not be able to handle the vibration caused by the pressure of flowing water. It’s quite possible that cracks and leaks in your pipes have caused the water pipes to shift away from its original place. For more information regarding leaking pipes, you can read further here.

What can I do to stop my water pipes from banging?

Because water hammers are caused by a sudden loss of air within the water pipe, closing your water taps slowly may help reduce the chance of a banging noise greatly. Doing so will help you control the water pressure of your water system.

Ways in which an emergency plumber can help

A qualified & trained emergency plumber will be able to locate the source of your water hammer. As well as this, an emergency plumber will be able to install your water pipes with water hammer arresters or a pressure reducing valve. These can help control the vibration of your water pipes and can prevent any future banging noises.

In need of an emergency plumber in Warrington?

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