Having an emergency!?

Have you found that your ring has gone down the drain? Emergency Plumber 24/7 of Wigan gives his advice.

Losing a ring down the drain

Losing any possession can be a major annoyance, but when that possession is as important as a wedding ring or engagement ring, I’m sure you’ll be in a major panic. Before you grab the phone and call an emergency plumber like ourselves, there are some steps you can take yourself in attempt to retrieve your lost ring.

What to do

Before you do anything else, do yourself a favour and turn off water to the sink. If you’re not entirely sure how to do this, there is usually a valve underneath the sink that can shut off water flow when turned to an off position.

Once you are positive that the water has been turned off, you’ll need to locate the pipe ‘trap’ underneath the sink, which is u-shaped. This ‘trap’ may be either made of metal or plastic, but either way, it still serves the same function. The pipe trap is there for a number of reasons, firstly and foremost to prevent fumes from the sewers from entering your home, but also to catch any objects that may have fallen down the drain. This u-shaped ‘trap’  is the most likely place where your ring will have been caught.

Next, clear the space underneath the pipe trap and place towels or rags underneath the sink so that you can avoid causing any water damage to your possessions or property. After this, use either a pipe wrench or set of pliers to loosen the slip nuts that connect the pipe ‘trap’ the rest of the piping. After these fittings become loose, you can finish the job by untwisting what remains using your fingers. After you have removed the pipe trap from the pipes, dump its contents into a bowl or bucket and search for your lost ring. Hopefully by this stage, you will have found your prized possession and can stop worrying!


Panic Over

Once you have found your ring, you should put everything back the way it was. First, wash out the pipe trap, using a different sink of course and then screw the pipe trap back into place. Once you have done this, you’ll want to ensure that your pipe trap is securely in place and won’t leak on you. The best way is to fill up your sink with water by covering your drain and then letting it all drain out at once. Observe underneath your sink to see if there are any leaks. If there are, it’s quite possible that fittings aren’t tight enough or that they went on crooked. Make any changes as necessary.

Need an emergency plumber in Wigan?

If in doubt, call an emergency plumber! The last thing I want is to do something you’re not comfortable doing in a state of panic. If you’d feel more confident in expert hands, there no shame in calling a professional. And if you’re in Wigan or the surrounding area, you can always contact us.