Everyone knows that there is a certain kind of satisfaction that can be gained by doing basic home improvements yourself.  Regardless of your skill level, it’s important to make sure you avoid these common DIY plumbing mistakes.

Make sure you have the tools for the job

While it can be easy to get the information and knowledge you need for the job from a number of guides or tutorials, it’s just as important to have the right tools for the before you start.

While there are many different options, there are 2 basic tools that most DIY are likely to require and are a good idea to keep handy.

A basin wrench is useful for jobs where you need to change taps and other fittings.

A plumbing wrench will allow you to tighten and loosen nuts including those found on your water supply switch


Make sure to turn the water supply off

Imagine, you’ve taken the time out of your weekend to finally get that job you’ve been putting off done, and just as you take off a fitting you suddenly get sprayed with water and now have a big mess to deal with.

Most plumbing jobs absolutely require you to turn off the water supply in your home before any work is done, but it’s also a key step that many people don’t remember to do so make sure that you do this before you do any work at all to avoid getting anything in your home wet. That includes you!

Make sure not to mismatch your pipes

A very common DIY job that many homeowners may take on is to fix leaky pipes. If it’s a small, and easily visible water leak coming from a sink or basin then it may seem easy to just replace the piping.

A common DIY mistake is to choose the wrong size or type of pipe or even worse, try to force a good fit with the wrong kind of connectors. Just because piping looks like it is highly connected, doesn’t mean that everything water tight so it’s important to take the time to do things right or risk having to use more of your time later on down the line.

In need of an emergency plumber in St.Helens?

There are some DIY jobs that you can handle of your own, and many others that you don’t. If you’re in St.Helens and in need of an emergency plumber then get in touch and contact us whenever you are in need of finding a solution to the problems you might have at home.